Severance Hospital

Fields of application

Establishment and visualization of outpatient treatment process model
  • In university hospitals, treatment and medical examination are classified in wards so the movement flow of outpatients visiting the hospital is extremely complex and time-consuming. Many hospitals expect increase in management cost and drop in customer satisfaction due to aggravation of customer’s waiting time, moving time, accessibility and the like.
  • With increasing complexity within the hospital, bottleneck points and inefficient processes are continuously increasing but it is difficult to analyze inefficient points and cause of increase in waiting/moving time. It is necessary to analyze and improve processes by analyzing the outpatient treatment process.

Application method

Constitution of outpatient treatment process model and improvement through visualization
  • The entire movement flow of outpatients which wasn’t possible with observation/investigation can be analyzed by utilizing the treatment/examination time of outpatients and the connection flow by moving/waiting time and work/treatment department can be visualized.
  • Bottleneck points of patients, delay in treatment and examination and inefficient processes can be identified and optimization model from process modeling perspective can be prepared.
  • Measures for minimizing complexity, number of movements and unnecessary repetition of work and measures for work standardization by customer type and for attending to customers can be proposed by minimizing processes based on treatment process model.

Analysis effect

  Establishment of treatment processes for inpatients and analysis of bottleneck
in movement route of patients as well as inefficient work through visualization

  Enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced waiting time by improving processes from customer’s perspective