Awaiting talented personnel seeking to grow together with Puzzle Data.


Puzzle Data believes in the force of ‘awareness’. We are a group of experts who have gathered to make reality more concise, more transparent and more valuable through data analysis. We await those who would be able to develop Puzzle Data by fully exhibiting their competencies while developing themselves simultaneously.

Puzzle Data is a startup, comprised of about 30 members. The respective roles of each member are important, the respective opinions of each member are respected and their synergy develops Puzzle Data. In order to further utilize this synergy, Puzzle Data hosts a Culture Day for the harmony of each individual, as an attempt to become a company where work and fun can be achieved at the same time. Moreover, we fully provide support so that they can develop their competencies by participating in training as well as domestic and overseas conferences.



Provides a working environment for
efficient work.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working equipment supported
  • Unlimited snacks provided
  • Lunch costs supported
  • Liberal dress code
Provides environment where one can
initiate self-development.
  • Liberal discussion
  • Study support
  • Support for participation in seminars
  • Support of purchasing cost of books related to work
Prioritizes sufficient rest hours and
the health of employees.
  • Liberal use of leaves
  • Culture Day once a month
  • Gifts on anniversaries and early leave of work
  • Additional support for detailed medical examination Equivalent to approximately KRW 300,000 for regular medical examination
Strives to provide more diverse
welfare to employees.
  • Worker’s vacation support program
  • Telecommunication cost of KRW 40,000 provided monthly
  • Expenses and leave of absence for congratulations and condolences provided
  • Gifts provided on national festive holidays