What is ProDiscovery?

ProDiscovery is a Process Mining analysis tool developed by PuzzleData. It provides services such as customized analysis for each customer through the dashboard, flexible analysis using puzzles, support for multiple users and cloud services, handling large-scale data, and web-based solutions, and powerful drill-down analysis through filtering features. Learn more about ProDiscovery.

What industries are suitable for Process Mining?

Process Mining can be applied to all industrial sectors. If there is log data extracted from any work system, any analysis is possible. Check out the cases performed by PuzzleData’s ProDiscovery.

How much does it cost to implement ProDiscovery?

ProDiscovery Cloud offers various plans. Freely ask our team about the plan you’re interested in. Also, for the On-Premise version, kindly contact the PuzzleData Team, and we’ll provide friendly consultation also.

On what OS can ProDiscovery be used?
ProDiscovery is a web-based software, available on both Windows and MacOS. It can be accessed via browsers supporting HTML5, such as Google Chrome, MS Edge, etc. (We strongly recommend using Google Chrome for ProDiscovery.)
What are the recommended specifications for ProDiscovery?

The minimum requirements for On-Premise ProDiscovery are as follows:
– Processor: 8 Core or more
– Memory: 32 GB or more
– Storage: SSD required
This may vary depending on the size of the analysis data, the functions you wish to use (basic analysis or simulation, etc.). Moreover, these are the minimum specifications; using higher specs will allow a more pleasant experience. If you are using ProDiscovery Cloud, you can utilize ProDiscovery relatively more freely. For detailed technical specs and plans, have a conversation with the PuzzleData Team.

What improvements can be made by using ProDiscovery?

You can monitor the entire process from an End-to-End perspective, identify various Pain Points, and derive areas for improvement. You can also gain various insights into the ‘actual’ process that you could not see through specific bottleneck areas, repeated segments, Funnel analysis, etc. Discover various cases, such as personalized marketing through the identification of key value segments and internal operations innovation.

If I already have a BI tool, would using Process Mining be helpful?
Even if you already have a BI tool, the PuzzleData team strongly recommends the adoption of process mining. If you observe the ‘phenomenon’ in existing analysis, through ProDiscovery’s Process mining analysis, you can explore the detailed ‘cause’ between the logs. Carry out fundamental cause analysis with ProDiscovery and achieve a higher level of synergy on top of your existing BI insights.

Data Preparation

What type of data does ProDiscovery need?

ProDiscovery can utilize all forms of log data. Long-Form data with Case, Activity, and Timestamp columns are used, and the analysis can be further enriched by using various additional attributes. Data can be directly imported through file formats (CSV) or DB connections. If you need assistance with various data formats, please consult the PuzzleData Team.

Is it possible to collect event logs with ProDiscovery?
No, currently the PuzzleData Team assists in analyzing collected data only. However, if preprocessing is required for data analysis, the PuzzleData Team will be happy to provide support.
Is there a need to preprocess the data through other tools (R, PYTHON) before uploading to ProDiscovery?

If you have a single table ready for analysis and do not require complex preconditioning, ProDiscovery supports simple preprocessing (Extract, Split, Filter …) and thus it’s not necessary. However, for more sophisticated analysis, the PuzzleData Team often recommends preprocessing. If utilizing the DB Connection function during data collection, preprocessing can be automated. For more details, consult the PuzzleData Team.

Analysis Related

How long does the analysis projects take?

Generally, the PuzzleData Team conducts a Proof of Concept (PoC) over approximately 2-4 weeks from when the single analysis objective and data are completely ready. Analysis duration may vary for several reasons, such as data condition or analysis scope. And in case you’re considering to conduct the analysis by yourselves, we still recommend to receiving the PuzzleData Team’s analysis consulting services in the first place. Details can be discussed with the PuzzleData Team.

Do we need to set new KPIs for the analysis? Can we use our existing KPI metrics?
In process mining analysis, normally we use KPIs such as event frequency, lead time, event time(work/wait) and etc. You can also define new KPIs to understand business effects, to add depth to your analysis. And of course, It’s possible to integrate existing KPIs you are already using for a more in-depth analysis.
How do process optimization and ProDiscovery’s Simulation feature differ?
Even if problems are detected in a process, making actual changes requires considerable effort and cost. ProDiscovery’s simulation feature aims to mitigate these challenges, particularly when changes in production processes come with significant costs and risks. The simulation allows you to virtually construct and apply changed environments without actual changes.

On the other hand, process optimization can be understood as model improvement. The direction of improvement may vary depending on the company’s specific goals. Often, improvements aim at reducing lead time and wait time, but it might also target changes, removals, or other adjustments in the process’s working conditions.

Project Building

What personnel are required to carry out an analysis project?
For conducting a Process Mining project, the most basic team consists of a Project Manager and Data Analyst. And of course, active participation of business-knowing clients, who can add understanding of the business process, will enable even better results.
Can I receive training on ProDiscovery and Process Mining?

The PuzzleData Team operates the Process Mining Academy to cater to such needs, offering various content prepared for you. You can experience how to use ProDiscovery and Process Mining analysis and try a simple mini analysis project. For detailed contents, ask our team.

Does the PuzzleData Team provide on-site consulting services?

The PuzzleData Team’s analysis consulting services are conducted both On-Site and Off-Site, depending on your needs. The approach is determined in consultation, taking on-site conditions into account (such as data security, network environment, and resource status). Please discuss with the PuzzleData Team.

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