Process map & Regeneration
Analysis of process pattern
Key processes can be identified by analyzing the pattern that occurs repeatedly in the current process and each process pattern can easily be analyzed by visualizing it.
Process / Work analysis
Statistics information such as executed work, worker, start date and end date gathered from various data channels such as DB, TXT, XLS are provided so that it can be seen at a glance.
Filtering & Dashboard
Data analysis and process analysis can be carried out by selecting the data according to the user’s demand or deleted unwanted data through data filtering.


Big Data
ProDiscovery enables quick data processing by connecting with various big data platform such as Apache Hadoop, Spark and Elastic Search. It receives large capacity log data from MES, EROP and others and with just a few clicks, it can be mapped according to the process mining, enabling convenient analysis.
Customized Analysis
The desired dashboard can easily be created without limit in the desired dataset for analysis. The user can include the filter that the user wants and the puzzle that the user wants in the form that the user wants based on the data that the user wants in each dashboard.
Various Analyses
Various puzzles capable of executing various functions such as process map, process analysis, social network and statistics analysis are offered. Based on such diverse puzzles, the user can run majority of the desired analysis with just one click, without restrictions.
Drilldown Filters
With three filters as basic (case filter, event filter, relation filter), the user can include only the desired data or remove unwanted data. Data analysis can be carried out according to the standard that has been set by the user such as process that includes work that has been executed within a specific time or specific work and work that has occurred more than a certain number of times.
The result of data analysis can be shared with one’s members by sharing and receiving dashboards. Through it, the briefing on analysis and result of analysis can be shared and flawless communication can be achieved easily, without being restricted to the respective environment.


ProDiscovery Demo

Customer management

This data is customer’s itinerary data in Internet shopping mall (web market). It analysis which process the customer undertakes in a shopping mall to purchase goods or how the customer deviates.


This data demonstrates the movement of logistics within the plant. It analyzes from which plant to which plant the logistics within the plant takes place and which process it undergoes to be moved and loaded.


This data displays the patient’s medical processes in a given hospital. It covers the process from the patient’s arrival to the hospital to registration, treatment, examination, and discharge.


This data shows the process of handling the customer’s request for home repair. It deals with the process of handling the request for repair received from the customer.