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ProDiscovery is a process intelligence platform that helps businesses discover, analyze,
and optimize business processes by harnessing the power of log data.

Trusted By Leading Brands​

Join the Process Revolution

Simplify, customize, and scale your process mining journey.​

Visualize your processes using dashboards and puzzles
  • Dashboard creation and management
  • 30+ puzzles for visualization and statistical analysis
  • Downloadable data for additional analysis using other BI tools
Compare and drill down processes​ with robust filters
  • Process comparison
  • Conformance check
  • 8 powerful filters applicable to dashboards and puzzles
Effortlessly share and access results in the Cloud
  • Multi-user support for Analysis User and Business User
  • Dashboard sharing with team members
  • Public or private cloud deployment

Explore the Versatile Features of ProDiscovery​

Big Data
Streamline data processing of large volumes of log data by seamlessly connecting with various big data platforms like Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Elastic Search.
Quick & Advanced Analysis
With Quick Analysis, start building process models with just a few clicks.​
Take your analysis further through BPMN modeling, conformance check, deviation analysis, root cause analysis, simulation, and real-time process monitoring.
Scenario Templates​
Use our pre-built industry-specific and purpose-specific templates, along with Data Guides to easily delve into analysis. No prior experience needed.​
Discover a wide array of versatile puzzles and data analysis modules, such as process maps, bar and line charts, tables, and lists.
Drill Down Filters​
Achieve targeted insights with three powerful filter categories – case, event, and relation – to focus on what matters most. Save filter sets for easy access.
Empower collaboration between Analysis Users and Business Users by sharing analysis briefings and results within the team via dashboards.​
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