Mobile Games·Apps


Fields of application

Analysis and visualization of mobile app and game user’s behavior patterns
  • It is difficult to effectively analyze the behavior patterns and payment/sales data of users seen in apps and games by each advertisement channels from the perspective of statistics index.
  • In order to analyze mobile apps/games, KPI of each stage and user’s activity index can be checked by using various analysis tools. However, it is difficult to analyze where users usually deviate, in other words bottleneck, how the user’s behavior pattern occurs concerning contents within app/game and where payment has taken place.

Application method

Analysis of user’s behavior pattern within mobile games/apps and analysis of payment factor
  • Game log analysis demonstrates statistics index or was carried out only to attend to customers in the event of issues. In case process mining is applied to game log data, the activities before and after a user’s behavior seen in specific section can be analyzed.
  • User can be segmentalized or the user’s behavior pattern can be predicted and the user’s response can be predicted based on the behavior pattern demonstrated by a user in app/game.
  • User’s behavior pattern can be visualized and seen in process map based on event logs such as user inflow by each advertisement channel, game/app installation, log-in, character creation and level progress provided in the mobile attribution tool.

Analysis effect

  Analysis of user’s behavior pattern within game/app and visualization of behavior

  Analyze the interest of users within game/app and analyze the cause of specific action such as payment within game as well as before/after activities