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Targeting Changing Customer Segments:
Behavior and Property Analysis​

  • In the past, customer segmentation heavily relied on variables like demographic traits, purchase volume, and visit frequency. However, as online shopping platforms have expanded, customers now showcase diverse purchasing behaviors and preferences. As a result, the conventional approach is no longer sufficient for gaining a complete picture of the customer and addressing customer needs.
  • By analyzing customers’ pathways, keywords, and the outcomes of their purchases, businesses can gain a holistic understanding of their behavior. This data-driven approach not only facilitates more effective customer segmentation and personalized promotions but also empowers the customization of the customer journey to closely align with individual preferences, ultimately nurturing higher customer engagement and loyalty.

Application Method

  • Process mining examines the customer journey and buying patterns, shedding light on factors that influence purchase decisions and revealing key behavioral pathways within online shopping platforms. This methodology enables the identification of patterns rooted in the sequence of activities and purchase results to distinguish between those who make purchases and those who do not.

  • Using the recognized patterns, companies can engage in customer segmentation and execute targeted promotions and product recommendations tailored to specific segmented groups.
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