Prominent domestic semi-conductor manufacturers

Fields of application

Manufacturing process analysis and work analysis for promotion of export
  • The semi-conductor commerce has complex process and equipment structure, making it difficult to manage yield. Many approaches have been attempted to identify the relationship between process and yield and to optimize the process based on it in order to enhance yield.
  • Due to the limitations of the analytical methods, others have traditionally taken an approach to derive the relationship between a single process and yield percentage, and to optimize the process based on it. It was difficult to analyze the relation of many data from the entire process and equipment and to identify a significant result.
  • The engineer controlling the process has a significant effect in the work ability of responding to issues that occur in each process. It is difficult for each and every person in charge to personally check whether the work details of processing issues that occur in complex process and countless number of equipment are being handled adequately and to determine what the adequate processing measure is.

Application method

Yield enhancement through process model analysis
  • In case of analyzing the semi-conductor process by applying process mining, the entire process model can be identified and the pattern of process with defect or the pattern of process and equipment with high yield can be identified.
  • By moving away from the previous statistics analysis method, the process and equipment that affect the yield can be checked and optimal process can be identified through process model and pattern analysis.
Analysis and improvement of production process by visualizing with process model
  • The production process model can be identified and analyzed by analyzing the log data of production equipment that is used in the semi-conductor production process.
  • By comparing with the standard process, it can be determined whether the production process model is suitable and issue can be analyzed.

Analysis effect

  Establishment of semi-conductor production process model and analysis of optimal route of equipment applied to each process