ProDiscovery Cloud Services Description
Advanced Plan

The PuzzleData entity referred to below is the holder of distribution and/or exploitation rights relating to the cloud services set out in this Cloud Services Description (together hereinafter referred to as “the Cloud Services”). The access and use by the Customer of the Cloud Services is governed by the terms and conditions set out in the Cloud Services Agreement to which this Cloud Services Description is attached. In the event of any conflict the terms and conditions set out below in this Cloud Services Description shall prevail over those set out in the Cloud Services Agreement. Any contrary or additional terms and conditions included in any purchase order or similar document (printed or online) related to this Order Form will be invalid and non-binding, even if received, accepted, approved, or signed by a Party.
Cloud Services
Cloud Service Name
Quantity and Usage Metric
ProDiscovery Cloud Advanced – Analysis User
1 x Analysis User
ProDiscovery Cloud Advanced Service Information
Cloud Service Delivery Entity
PuzzleData; Registered Office: 6F, 87, Cheongam-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Data Storage Location
The underlying infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services in the following Data Storage Locations: AWS Korea
Maintenance Events

Planned maintenance event dates and times are posted on at least one week prior to the maintenance event. Releases will require scheduled downtime.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Frequency: Weekly

Data Backup Location: Same Data Storage Location region referred to above but different availability zone.

Recovery Point Objective: The most recent restore point

Usage Period: No limit

Storage: 100GB

Maximum Original File Size: 500MB

Number of data columns: 30

Analysis function limitations: No limit


All inquiries or service requests shall be submitted through the form available at

Cloud Services Term

The Cloud Services Term begins on the effective date, as identified on the Order Form and will continue until the subscription end date, as identified on the Order Form.

Exit Terms

Access to the Cloud Services will be removed upon expiry of the Trial Term or Cloud Services Term. 30 days after termination or expiration of the Cloud Services Term (the “Exit Period”), the Supplier will delete the Customer’s Account.
Customers using the Cloud Services on a trial basis will not have access to the Customer Data at the end of the Trial Term. After the Exit Period, Supplier will delete the Customer’s environment and Customer Data in accordance with industry standard practices.
Cloud Services Renewal Terms
Renews automatically each year for 12 months upon the expiry of the Cloud Services Term and each anniversary thereafter unless terminated by either party by serving not less than sixty (60) days’ notice in writing prior to any such renewal.
At the beginning of each renewal term, Supplier may increase Cloud Services Fee to reflect annual increases in consumer prices or costs.
License Metrics
Analysis User
Cloud Services licensed by ‘Analysis User’ are limited to use by a total number of users which does not exceed the licensed quantity. For these purposes an ‘Analysis User’ means a Registered User who can upload data, create and edit processes, analysis scenarios and dashboards, perform Quick Analysis, and access nearly all functions offered by the Cloud Services plan.
For these purposes a ‘user’ means a uniquely identified individual employee of the Customer, entity (e.g. interface), device or process that accesses, operates, or maintains such Cloud Services.