PuzzleData selected for the ‘2023 Emerging AI+X Top 100’

PuzzleData, a process mining specialist, has been selected for the ‘2023 Emerging AI+X Top 100’ in the ‘ML-Based Data Analysis’ category, as announced by the Intelligent Information Industry Association.

The ‘2023 Emerging AI+X Top 100’ recognizes 100 companies that are expected to lead future innovations through the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology with various industries (X).

This year, over 1,800 companies registered as candidates, and among them, 100 companies were selected based on their growth potential, innovation, and future value of technology and business. Being selected for the first time after the launch of ProDiscovery 3.0 makes this recognition even more meaningful!


PuzzleData Selected for ‘2023 Emerging AI+X Top 100’

Process mining specialist PuzzleData announced on the 8th that it has been selected for the ‘2023 Emerging AI+X Top 100,’ as revealed by the Intelligent Information Industry Association under the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The ‘Emerging AI+X Top 100’ represents the top 100 domestic companies expected to lead future innovations by leveraging AI technology and its convergence with various industries (X) to create future value. Experts in the AI field from academia, industry, and research institutions evaluated over 1,800 companies quantitatively and qualitatively based on their technology and business prospects, resulting in the selection of 48 companies in 11 domain industries and 52 companies in 6 cross-industry areas, totaling 100 companies.

PuzzleData, providing the AI-based automated process intelligence platform ‘ProDiscovery,’ was selected as a representative company in the cross-industry field of machine learning-based analysis solutions. The recent release of ProDiscovery 3.0 earned high praise for its growth potential and innovation in technology and business.

ProDiscovery is a globally recognized AI-based process mining solution that explores and models business processes. It not only discovers process models but also analyzes and optimizes them, creating a complete platform that monitors the application of improved processes in a continuous cycle of process innovation.

Already adopted by leading companies in various sectors such as finance, manufacturing, public services, distribution, and hospitals, including Shinhan Bank, SK hynix, SK Telecom, and Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, ProDiscovery has delivered significant results such as cost reduction due to shortened analysis time for existing business processes, increased productivity through the discovery of automatable processes, and cost savings through continuous monitoring and automated anomaly handling. Particularly, its strengths in customer behavior analysis and business pattern analysis have garnered attention, especially from the financial sector.

Kim Young-il, CEO of PuzzleData, expressed delight in the company’s selection for the ‘Emerging AI+X Top 100,’ attributing it to continuous investments and research and development efforts to enhance the groundbreaking capabilities of ProDiscovery. He also pledged to further lead process innovation for both domestic and international companies by leveraging PuzzleData’s leading technology and future growth potential.