PuzzleData has been included as a representative company in Gartner’s Process Mining Market Guide for 4 consecutive years

On December 2, 2021, PuzzleData, a process mining specialist company (CEO Kim Young-il), announced that it has been selected as a representative company for four consecutive years in Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for Process Mining’ published by the global IT research firm Gartner. Among the selected global representative companies, PuzzleData is the only one from Asia.

According to Gartner’s Process Mining Market Guide, the process mining market has grown by 70% compared to the previous year and is expected to grow by about 50% in 2022, reaching over $1 billion in size. Gartner emphasized that process mining is a core solution for digital innovation, and investing in this technology is essential for faster and more accurate decision-making.

PuzzleData provides a digital innovation platform called ProDiscovery, which is developed with 100% in-house technology, along with process analysis consulting services.

ProDiscovery provides strengths including data-driven automated process discovery and analysis for rapid insights, cost reduction through improved processes and automation, enhanced customer experience for increased revenue, standardized process management for compliance and internal control, and fortified process governance. These strengths have led to PuzzleData’s selection as a representative company.

PuzzleData has gained a reputation for having various case studies and expertise in process analysis across different industries, including finance, manufacturing, public services, heavy industries, distribution, hospitals, and online sectors. The company is highly regarded for its excellent customer interaction and support and its innovative solutions that reflect the latest technology trends, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

PuzzleData’s CEO, Kim Young-il, stated that being selected as a representative company for four consecutive years is a result of the company’s continuous growth as a leading player in the process mining industry. He also expressed the company’s commitment to continuing communication with customers and providing innovative solutions that meet their needs through continuous research and development.

Furthermore, PuzzleData is preparing for the release of ProDiscovery 3.0, which promises to bring groundbreaking upgrades, early next year.