‘ProDiscovery 3.0’ Release

A revolutionary upgrade as a continuous process analysis, validation, monitoring, and optimization platform.

Process mining specialist company PuzzleData (CEO Kim Young-il) announced on the 19th that they have released the process intelligence platform ‘ProDiscovery 3.0’.

ProDiscovery is a globally recognized process mining solution used to explore and model business processes. Beyond this, it also analyzes discovered process models for prediction, optimization, and monitoring of improved process application, creating a complete platform for the process innovation cycle.

The newly launched ProDiscovery 3.0 offers significant upgrades, including ▲ provision of industry-specific/analytical topic-based analysis scenario templates and data guides ▲ more than 30 visualization tools and various filters ▲ enhanced user-friendly UI/UX ▲ real-time streaming-based process, KPI, and graph analysis ▲ What-if simulations and assumption-based process performance predictions.

Above all, even regular users can easily monitor processes through dashboards, and the ability to utilize process mining through simple manipulations such as filters is a strong point.

PuzzleData’s CEO Kim Young-il said, “ProDiscovery 3.0 has been perfected through continuous research and development (R&D), reflecting experiences of analyzing and consulting various field processes as well as global market trends.” He added, “With confidence in the solution, we plan to accelerate our expansion into global markets such as Asia and the Americas.”

PuzzleData is recognized by Gartner as the sole representative process mining company in Asia and holds the most references in the domestic market, also garnering attention in global markets such as the United States and Singapore.

Meanwhile, the outlook for the process mining industry is positive. According to Fortune Business Insights’ market research, the global process mining software market size, which was $933.1 million as of 2021, is expected to grow to $10.167 billion by 2028. This surpasses the projected figure of $7.64 billion for the RPA market in 2028.