[Press Coverage] PuzzleData Selected for DGB Financial Group’s ‘FIUM Lab’ 3rd Batch Startup Support Program

PuzzleData, led by CEO Kim Youngil, has announced its selection for the 3rd batch of DGB Financial Group’s startup support program, ‘FIUM Lab.

‘The name ‘FIUM’ combines ‘F’ from Fintech and ‘I’ from Innovation, embodying the idea of fostering Fintech innovation. Through this program, DGB Financial Group aims to nurture innovative startups that can create synergy across various Fintech sectors, developing groundbreaking financial services through collaboration with outstanding Fintech companies.

In the rigorous selection process for the 3rd FIUM Lab cohort, nearly 80 companies applied. After multiple rounds of evaluations, including written submissions and interviews with representatives from different subsidiaries, 12 companies were chosen.

This iteration of the program features two tracks: the ‘Incubator Track’ targeting early-stage startups and the ‘Open Innovation Track’ aimed at fostering cooperation between exceptional startups and promoting digital transformation models.

PuzzleData, selected for the Open Innovation Track, will receive comprehensive support from DGB Financial Group, including collaborative business ventures, work cooperation, personalized growth consulting, investment opportunities, and partnership support.

PuzzleData specializes in process mining and offers its proprietary digital process innovation platform, ‘ProDiscovery.’ Through their platform, they analyze corporate data to extract real-time processes, monitor and enhance them, thereby leading process innovation. The company is recognized as a leader in the domestic process mining industry.

CEO Kim Youngil of PuzzleData stated, “As process mining gains prominence as the first step in digital transformation within the financial sector, we look forward to collaborating with DGB Financial Group’s banking, securities, and asset management divisions through our participation in the 3rd FIUM Lab cohort.” He also expressed his enthusiasm for contributing to projects related to process innovation within DGB Financial Group, including promoting financial product adoption, analyzing and improving process efficiency, and more.

PuzzleData’s recognition extends from being selected for Shinhan Financial Group’s ‘Shinhan Future’s Lab 5th Batch’ to participation in accelerating programs by Hana Bank’s 1Q Agile Lab, KB Financial Group’s ‘KB Starters,’ NH Digital Challenge+, and other prominent domestic financial institutions, showcasing the company’s technological prowess through collaborations.