[News] PuzzleData Releases AI/ML-Powered Automated Process Intelligence Platform ‘ProDiscovery 3.1’​

Enabling Advanced Situation Prediction for Preemptive Actions and Workflow Automation​

PuzzleData, a specialist in process mining, has announced the release of an upgraded version of their process intelligence platform, ‘ProDiscovery 3.1,’ on August 25th.​

​In ProDiscovery 3.1, PuzzleData has focused on enhancing the core simulation functionality from the previous version 3.0, while incorporating AI & ML based predictive capabilities. By applying AI and ML models trained on process data, the platform can predict abnormal situations such as process flow, remaining time, and delays. This enables proactive measures and workflow automation rather than just post-event anomaly detection.​

​One of the key differentiators of ProDiscovery 3.1 compared to existing AI tools is its ability to provide more accurate predictions based on data analyzed through process mining. Additionally, the platform offers an easy-to-use UI that allows non-experts to create and manage predictive models based on business data.​

​In addition to these features, new additions include enhancements to ▲dashboard editing convenience, ▲data transform ‘Unpivot’ feature ▲ PDF reporting capabilities ▲improved process map design and performance ▲puzzle filters ▲root cause analysis ▲quick analysis functionality.​

​All these features are also available in the ProDiscovery Cloud version. The cloud version, released in July, has successfully entered manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and public markets by reducing the entry barrier to process mining.​

​Kim Young-il, CEO of PuzzleData, stated, “ProDiscovery 3.1 is the result of PuzzleData’s diverse experience in process analysis and R&D that reflects global market trends.” He further added, “With this update, companies will be able to predict optimized processes even in uncertain environments and achieve innovation through clear strategic decision-making.”​

​Meanwhile, to meet the growing demand from users of the ProDiscovery Cloud version, PuzzleData will be organizing free basic training sessions on September 7th. The curriculum is open to anyone, regardless of their technical expertise or job roles. Detailed information can be found on the PuzzleData website.​​