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PuzzleData, a process mining specialist company(CEO Young-il Kim), has announced its recognition as a leading company in the process mining field in Gartner’s recent ‘2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant’ report.

PuzzleData has been listed in Gartner’s Market Guide and Magic Quadrant for Process Mining for seven consecutive years from 2018 to 2024, standing alongside global companies.

Process mining is a data analysis technique that automatically extracts and analyzes processes from event logs generated within enterprises or organizations. This technique enhances the efficiency and quality of business processes, enabling companies to identify and optimize bottlenecks, eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

In its report, Gartner emphasized that process mining platforms provide visibility and insights to technology innovation leaders, aiding them in making smart decisions and meeting critical organizational priorities.

PuzzleData’s self-developed digital innovation platform, ‘ProDiscovery,’ is a process mining-based platform. It analyzes business process models to predict, optimize, and monitor the application of improved processes, creating a cycle of process innovation.

PuzzleData boasts the most extensive experience in the process mining field in Korea, with leading companies across various sectors, including finance, manufacturing, public sector, retail, and healthcare, adopting their solutions. The results include cost savings through reduced process analysis time, increased productivity by discovering automatable processes, and reduced management costs through continuous process monitoring and automatic anomaly handling.

CEO Young-il Kim stated, “PuzzleData is the only domestic company to be selected as a ‘Global Representative Company for Process Mining’ by Gartner for seven consecutive years.” He added, “As a leading company in process mining, we will continue to provide innovative solutions through ongoing research and development, reflecting customer requirements.”

Additionally, PuzzleData offers process analysis consulting services using process mining and plans to launch an upgraded version of the ‘ProDiscovery’ service later this year, drawing significant attention.